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The internet is known to be the information superhighway. Where we had once relied upon hearsay and opinions from our friends and neighbours, we now look to the internet for accurate facts and useful data on a variety of topics and aspects. While it would be wrong to say that the internet has replaced our social circle, it has indeed become a dependable source of information.

In the matter of health and wellness, the internet is a veritable treasure-trove of facts, figures and feedback on how to regain and maintain one's health in a natural manner. For this purpose, we have surfed the web looking for feedback on natural treatment clinics in Kolkata.

People want to know more about herbal medicine and Ayurvedic treatment in India. They seek detailed information about which herbal healthcare organizations tackle problems like eczema, psoriasis, hair fall, acne, pimples, joint pain and a host of other grave issues. In order to address the problem of disease and illness in a safe and secure manner, there is no alternative to treatment from experienced doctors and trained specialists.

Many people are suffering from serious problems like anxiety, depression, piles, fissure, diabetes, etc. Such people want a treatment system which can combat the disease, without causing side effects. In short, such people are looking for Ayurvedic, Unani or Yoga-based solutions to their pressing problems.

We created this website to provide a space to the current or past patients of natural treatment centres like Naturoveda Health World to voice their views about the physicians from whom they got treatment. If you have taken treatment or you know someone who has undergone treatment from Naturoveda, then feel free to post first-hand patient testimonials and feedback on this website. It will help others in deciding whether or not they really want to go to a particular alternative healthcare center such as Naturoveda to solve their health problems.